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Investment property owners like to know that their rentals are being run well so that they are generating the income they are intended to. This usually has them seeking out the services of reliable property managers Brisbane.

However, not just any property manager will do as it is a role that requires outstanding skills in multi-tasking and the ability to accept any challenges that come their way on a day to day basis. This is a role that the professionals at E Property Rentals can competently fulfill for investment owners who only want to deal with the best.

The Role of a Property Manager

The role of a property manager is varied and needs to be filled by someone with a professional and positive outlook and who is adept at problem solving and also proactive. Generally speaking, it is the responsibility of the property manager to ensure a rental property is run smoothly.

At the start of the process, it is the job of the property manager to advertise the rental and then screen all applicants. Once one has been approved there is much paper work to be done. Forms need to be completed and sent to the appropriate tenant authority; the bond needs to be collected and a new property profile must to be overseen.

The property manager for each individual property also needs to oversee the other employees related to the property to ensure their part is taken care of and completed. This can be those who are employed to carry out maintenance or repairs

A property manager acts as a liaison between the tenants and the investment property owners; if any problems should arise for either party, the property manager needs to address this in a timely manner with an agreeable outcome for all involved.

In addition, a property manager carries out property inspections to see that all is as it should be, ensuring rent is paid and reconciling all accounts related to the property. These and many more tasks are all that need to be carried out or overseen by a property manager. It is quite an important role that needs to be conducted with precision and expertise at all times.

Eproperty Rentals offer the very best service that an investment property owner deserves and should expect. Their years of experience in the field of rentals, combined with the knowledge and professionalism of each team member means you will never be disappointed with your choice to engage their business.

Get in touch with Eproperty Rentals today or visit them online at our website.


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Preparing a Home for Tenants

If you have made the decision to rent out your property then you are about to take on a great responsibility. Providing a home for someone for income means that you will have a lot more to think about in terms of that particular property.

It is the right of a tenant and the responsibility of the owner to ensure that the home is safe, liveable and clean. You will have a few items to take care of before you should deem your property fit for rental. Enlisting the services of a reputable agent to manage your property is highly advised.

E Property Rentals are specialists in their field and offer all clients friendly and personal service. They can advise you on areas you might like to focus on when preparing your home for rental; however, in the meantime, here is some basic advice.

Safety is Paramount

The nightmare that would follow in the event of a tenant suffering an injury over something faulty in your home could be endless. Aside from it being the right thing to do, for your own sake, you want to ensure that the premises are safe.

If you have the knowledge you can check yourself but if there is anything you are unsure of then it might be a good idea to have the building checked by a professional such as a building and pest inspector. They can check for structural faults and anything untoward where electrical items, amongst others, are concerned and they will advise of any repairs required.

Aesthetic Appeal

The better the condition of your home, the more likely you are to attract responsible, long-term tenants. There is no need to go overboard but if your property has peeling paint, worn carpets, torn bathroom curtains or a well-worn kitchen benchtop, making adjustments to fairly minor things like these can go a long way to improving your rental income.


If you have ever been a tenant yourself you would know that upon leaving you are required to have an exit clean carried out. It is therefore fair for a tenant to move into a home that is clean. If you lack the motivation or time to give the home a good scrub and clean yourself, then hiring a cleaner to do the heavy work is an ideal alternative.

If you would like your home to be among the best Brisbane real estate properties available for rent, visit E Property Rentals online at.

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Finding a Suitable Rental Property

There is a big difference between finding a place to rent and finding a place to live. It may seem a simple enough task, finding a property to rent, however you donít want to end up locked into a rental contract in a place you didnít consider carefully enough. Keeping a few things in mind and even having a checklist of what you would like to have available where you rent will help ensure you are able to live in your home and not just rent.

To begin with you need to decide on the location you need, and thatís just not about choosing a suburb. Naturally if you have a workplace to be at and/or children to get to school, you will want to be able to travel to either or both. Where you live within in a suburb can also make a difference to your quality of life. Some private rental properties QLD are not situated close enough to certain amenities and infrastructure for some people. If you would like to have access to a bus or train station within walking distance then this will help decide which properties you view for renting. If you are without a car, you may not necessarily want to walk 40mins each way to get to public transport. Shopping centres can be another big draw card for rentals and you should consider if you need or want to be close by to one.

The size of the home of course is an obvious consideration. How big your family is will come into play as well as the need for a spare room or room for kids to play in such as a rumpus. If you have a large family you will certainly be looking for a house with 3 or more bedrooms and the extra bathroom never goes astray. If itís just you and a friend or a partner then a unit or townhouse will more than likely suffice. If you have pets to care for then make sure ahead of time that pets are approved in the home to avoid any upset later down the track.

One thing to look out for that may not be so obvious is to rent your home from a reliable and reputable rental property management Brisbane company. They will be able to expertly guide you in your renting legalities and competently oversee any issues that may arise. Good advice is the best advice so seek out the best rental agents today.

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Getting the Most Out of Your Rental

When you own a rental property the intention is for it is to be a money maker, not a money drainer. So when it comes to running your rental property you want to do everything you can to increase its income potential. With the experience and expertise of a qualified Brisbane real estate agent you can expect to draw the best income possible.

Presentation is everything, even where property is concerned. It wonít matter if your investment is in the right location if it looks run down and is not taken care of. Ensure that your garden is well tended to, and even easy to tend to and that all maintenance that needs to be done is taken care of. If you want tenants to respect your property, then respect if yourself.

Appeal to the crowd. When the real estate knows the demographic that will be more inclined to rent your investment, they can advertise in a way that will attract their attention by selling the high points that will appeal to them. If you wish you can even use an extra drawcard such as not asking the tenants to pay for excess water usage, within reason. Consider adding an alarm system as this may make feel tenants feel more secure and therefore more likely to apply.

From the very beginning, be realistic about the rent you ask for, your real estate agent will be able to advise what the current market rental price is. Donít ask for too much and you wonít have to reduce your price. Be competitive but be fair. Fair rentals tend to attract more of the long term tenants and this is a good thing. If your tenant stays on a while then this can reduce any extra costs that can be incurred with tenant turn over's occur. Treat your tenants well, when repairs are required, get them done.

When a new tenancy agreement is signed make sure that the wording allows for you to make reasonable rent increases where necessary. Costs to you for owning an investment will no doubt increase and you donít want to miss out on being able to pass a small amount of the cost on to your tenants.

Your rental agent should be able to advise on some more tips for maximising rent and their advice should be taken into account. Afterall, renting homes is ultimately their business and accepting professional advice will only put you in front.

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Abandoned Rentals

While rental properties are intended to create a steady income for the owner, there can be times when the property in question can end up costing more money or losing money when things go wrong in unforeseen situations. One such case can be in the event of an abandonment of rental property. No matter how stringent the background and reference checks are that a property manager carries out, there a simply times when a not-so-honest prospective tenant slips through the cracks.

When this happens there are quite a few things that can be done in regard to legal proceedings etc and it takes the knowledge and experience of a reputable property manager to oversee such activity. There can be, understandably, quite a bit of stress involved for a landlord whose property has been abandoned and having the assistance of a property manager means that in this stressful situation there is someone competently handling what needs to be done by someone who is emotionally removed from the occurrence. So what can you expect to happen if your Brisbane real estate is abandoned by its tenants?

To begin with, an agent who believes that a property has been abandoned must issue an Entry notice form 9 which provides 24 hours notice that they will enter the premises to carry out an inspection. The agent may think the property is abandoned for a number of reasons, this could be unpaid rent, disconnection of utilities to the property, an inability to contact the tenants or even something as simple as a build-up of mail. Once it has been established that the property is abandoned, the agent is required to formally end the agreement before they are able to take control of the home and deal with any items that have been left behind by the tenant in question.

Formally ending the agreement can be done in a couple of different ways and your property manager will know which is the best road to take and be able to execute either with professionalism. In the instance where money is lost either by missed rent or from damages caused to the property, compensation can be claimed for with the Tribunal and it is also highly recommended for the owner of the property to have landlord insurance to cover themselves in the rare event such an instance happens.

At the end of the day, no matter what happens with your rental property, every part of the process will be handled so much better and with greater care in the hands of the right property manager.

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What Landlords Should Know About Property Management

It is not easy being a landlord, especially with all the changes in the laws regarding a tenantís rights and responsibilities along with those of the landlord themselves. It is a very fine line between each and sometimes a landlord can cross the line without realising they have done so. Most of the time, it is much easier and ultimately more profitable to allow a property management team to manage your rental investments for you, which leaves you free to pursue other interests. It will also help to reduce the stress that comes along with trying to manage your rental properties yourself.

The whole purpose of property management is to maximise your profits and get you the best possible results from your property management team. Property managers have a range of services they offer you for a small fee. There are many things they do to help you as an investor to get the most out of your investment, this makes owning a rental property a joy not a stress.

Property managers carry out duties such as taking care of the finance management which involves preparing budgets, estimating the costs of maintenance on a property and ensure the client gets high returns for their investment. Legalities such as taxes or bills on the property are also part of their duty as well as preparing lease agreements and making sure that compliance with the property laws is carried out. They find suitable tenants, collect the rent and deal with any issues the tenant may have. A property manager also has the responsibility to ensure any maintenance on the property is carried out as well as maintained by the tenant.

All of these duties are part of what a property manager does and if you cannot imagine yourself carrying out all that, let the professionals cater to your needs. They will take good care of your rental investment and make sure that it is properly tenanted. If you are interested in hiring a property manager then speak to Brisbane real estate professionals to get the right advice for you. Owning rental property is a big job and can be overwhelming, so help yourself by letting the professionals handle this for you.

Allowing the professionals to handle the job for you will give you more time to spend with your family and friends, doing the things you like to do. Why not enjoy life while reaping the benefits and profits that come from letting the professionals do their job for you?

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Cover your Investment Property with a Will

As the saying goes, there are two things guaranteed in life, taxes and death. While no one likes to think of their impending death, the fact is, it will happen, and we need to be realistic about it and in some ways, prepare for it. One of the best ways to prepare for your departure from this earth is to have a will drawn up. If you donít have one it is highly recommended, particularly when investment properties are owned. While many hope that their relatives will be able to amicably sort out their assets in the event of their death, it doesnít always work this way.

A current and valid will is extremely important. If you had the opportunity to find out what will happen to your assets if there is not one, you would race to have one tomorrow. You need to ensure that what you wish to unfold in the event of your death is legally documented. If this is not done, then anyone who feels they are entitled may come forward and legal battles can result as well as family feuds. Your Brisbane real estate asset may end up being swallowed up in legal fees. Of course, the use of a lawyer is highly recommended when it comes to a will but if you are unable to make it to an office to have a will drawn up then a hand written will should suffice. This will need to be signed by yourself as well as two independent witnesses if possible.

Investment properties can become a tricky subject in the case of deceased owners and hereís a couple of reasons why a current will is important. Many people incorrectly believe that when they get divorced that their spouse is no longer entitled to their assets such as investment properties, however, this is not necessarily the case. Unless there is a revised will drawn up then they are still entitled if the old will states they are. The assumption that your children are automatically taken care of in the event of your death is incorrect also, unless they are listed on the up to date will. You can make changes to your will by either making additions or completing a new will altogether, whichever way you choose, stating clearly what is to happen with your investment properties is highly recommended.

If you wish any further advice on investment properties and the management of them, seek out reputable and competent rental property management Brisbane. In all areas relating to your investment properties, be well prepared and managed.

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Property Management Professionals the only Solution for Property Management

Owning an investment property that is rented can bring about many financial benefits for the owner. Naturally, however, there are times that an investment property may mean you have to spend money on repairs or deal with unsavoury situations regarding late rent or abandoned properties or even lose money while the property is left vacant. While spending money on repairs is unavoidable it is most desirable to avoid any other downfalls. This is where you need a reliable property management company taking care of your investment for you.

You may not realise but there is a bit more work involved with managing Brisbane real estate than just collecting rent. To begin with, you need to be able to show prospective tenants the property and perform the needed background checks when applications are submitted. Today there are many laws regarding rental properties that must be adhered to by all parties and so when signing up a tenant you need to have appropriate paperwork and information regarding tenancy agreements. Once this is done you need to be able to completely oversee all goings on with the property. This is everything from ensuring rent is paid on time, that appropriate maintenance is carried out and that inspections are done to make sure that the property is being treated as it should be.

Thatís not all! At the beginning and end of each tenancy you need to complete a report on the state of the property and act accordingly where damage is found. It really is a big job and the list of things to do can go on and on. So why would you want to do this yourself or even worse, leave it in the hands of a company that considers rental property management Brisbane the least of their priorities? While real estate agents may have all the knowledge required to successfully run a rental property, they simply may not allocate the time or the manpower for it. Sales is the top priority of real estate whereas for a property management company, property management is all they do. Listing your Brisbane real estate with a property management company means that they will concentrate wholly on the running of your property and ensuring it has suitable tenants. Their attention can not be turned away in favour of sales as property management is their business.

You wouldnít ask a car salesman to service your car so if you have an investment property that you would like run perfectly then talk to a property management professional.

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Every Reason to Buy an Investment Property

The ability to own your own home is certainly at the top of most peoples wish list. If you are an owner occupier it means there are many benefits you can enjoy. Making changes to your property as you wish such as painting or remodelling and working towards paying off your own mortgage instead of someone else's are just two of the great bonuses. But there is another kind of property ownership that brings many benefits too. Owning an investment property does wonders for your financial future and hereís why.

The first thing you should always do if you are considering buying Brisbane real estate as an investment is consult a professional accountant. They will be able to advise of any possible pitfalls and all the financial benefits that are there to be enjoyed. One of the more obvious benefits of an investment property is the extra income you collect from rent. If the repayments you are required to make are less than the rent you collect then there is a profit there for you. You can expect your rental income to increase when an inflation occurs and market rents increase. This is what you can enjoy in the medium term. In the long term, a benefit of having an investment property is the capital growth.

In some cases and in the right area, properties can increase in value quite considerably, even double in value. Relying on capital growth is not 100% guaranteed however historically, in the long term, real estate does experience a steady increase in value. In the short term your taxes can benefit greatly. Negative gearing is a great way to reduce the amount of tax you have to pay, legally. When the money you are gaining on your investment property is less than the money you have to outlay for items such as mortgage payments, rates bills or body corporate fees on the property, then this is called negative gearing. Negative gearing is not always the best option to go with and if you have a choice you should once again discuss the best strategy for your property with a financial advisor or accountant.

The best thing you can do after you purchase an investment property is list it with a highly experienced rental property management Brisbane professional. If you are putting hard earned cash into an investment for your future then you want to be sure it will be run with your best interests in mind at all times.

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When a Tenancy Agreement is Breached

When a property is rented in the appropriate manner there is a tenancy agreement put in place and signed by all parties involved. This is to protect the lessors and the tenant by providing guidelines of what is expected whilst the tenant is living on the premises. It will contain items such as how the tenant is to take care of the property, how much rent is to be paid, how it is to be paid and the frequency, the period of tenancy and other items such as if pets are allowed. At times tenants breach the rules of their agreements, this article will discuss what needs to happen in that event.

A breach of tenancy agreement is usually something along the lines of rent being more than 7 days late or if the up keep of the property falls short of the agreements stipulation. The first thing that will happen when an agreement for renting Brisbane real estate is breached is that a Notice to remedy breach will be issued. If the property is standard accommodation such as a house, townhouse or unit, then this is a Form 11 however if the agreement is for rooming accommodation then it is a Form R11. Whichever of these forms is used, they will clearly outline how the tenant has breached their agreement and what they need to do in order to remedy the issue.

Where general tenancy is concerned the party who is responsible for the breach has 7 days to resolve the problem, if the tenancy is in a caravan park and the rent is overdue, the tenant has 5 days. When the agreement is for rooming accommodation then the time allowed can vary. Depending on what the issue is, the time frame can be in between 2 and 5 days. Overdue rent may incur a different time frame, but for broken house rules then the resident will usually be given 5 days to remedy the issue. If there is a dispute over the time frame allowed then TAASQ, or Tenants Union of QLD are available to offer their assistance in determining the correct amount of time to be given. The lessors can also be found to be in breach of an agreement. This may be for any number of reasons but some may be that required repairs are not carried out or if they enter the premises without the appropriate notice.

If there are every any concerns about a breach of tenancy agreement then they should be discussed with the rental property management Brisbane concerned.

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